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Re-building the site from scratch with Laravel to make it easier to maintain the code. Read all about the changes released to the site in this changelog.

0.13.0 2020-12-05

Started translating to Swedish! There are still a lot of English text on the site though.

0.12.1 2020-12-03

List title now included in page title. Showing when sharing the link.

0.12.0 2019-06-08

List collaborators are allowed to mark items as "Got it!".

Redirect back to previous page when editing and saving item and list.

0.11.1 2018-12-15

Logged-in users that click the give button get the email pre-filled.

Logged-in users, that previously enabled give mode, will automatically enable give mode by just clicking the give mode button.

Fix: Updated date for wishlist is now updated when adding or removing an item, or updating the sort order.

0.10.1 2018-12-11

Fix: When a logged in user enables the give mode page returned an error.

0.10.0 2018-12-02

New list setting: Allow to follow. If you share the list's public link with other users, they can choose to follow it.

New menu tab: Friends. Here you can find the lists you are following.

Fix: Formatting for some admin forms.

Fix: Minor fixes to the list view.

0.9.0 2018-12-01

FAQ categories. The FAQ can now be grouped into categories, making it easier to find information.

Updated the link to the Facebook page and added one to the About page.

Fix: Newly created items get position 0. Those items will now appear last on the wishlist.

Fix: FAQ content can now be split into paragraphs.

Fix: Formatting for some admin forms.

0.8.0 2018-11-25

Add a collaborator to your list.

0.7.1 2018-10-28

Both Login form and Signup form on the startpage in tabs.

Fix: Signup form styling more in line with rest of the site.

0.7.0 2018-10-27

User's last login time is saved.

Fix: Correct timezone

0.6.2 2018-10-20

Add items to the list when editing the list.

Minor adjustments to list edit view.

Changed maxlength of item name and list title to 100.

Fix: When a new list is created it will now show edit view for the new list.

Fix: Unauthorized users could access edit view for other users' lists and items (but they couldn't save any changes).

0.5.0 2018-10-14

Item can now be marked as "Got it!". Optional to add date when item was received.

Fixed item order on list when viewing as giver.

0.4.0 2018-09-23

Select a category for your items. Category is shown with an icon in the list.

Copy public link to clipboard. In edit list view.

0.3.0 2018-09-09

Possible to change position of the items on the lists.

Only list view is the public list. Edit list view is updated.

Fix: Unselecting all lists for one item is now saved correctly.

0.2.0 2018-08-26

Cookie notice.

Public list view has new styling.

You can register as a Giver for a public list. As a giver you can select the items that you intend to give and see what others have already selected.

Terms & conditions when registering for an account and as a giver.

0.1.2 2018-08-23

New logo saying this is a test site.

0.1.1 2018-08-20

Fixed mobile styilng.

0.1.0 2018-08-19

MVP (minimum viable product) release. Features include creating lists, creating items and adding them to lists. All lists are public.